Community update

Same mission, new approach

In Garden of Kairos, we work on industrial digital transformation, as one community. To do so, we bring together companies (of all sizes), services providers, and educational institutions. And while this remains our core mission, we have decided to change the format of our community.
You might have noticed that, recently, things were a bit quiet around Garden of Kairos. That’s very true—we took one step back and reconsidered our approach. In the last few months, we have been very busy with setting up interesting projects, but we also realized that these projects are not exactly what our members expect and need right now. What is needed, in fact, is easy and straightforward knowledge about how to start implementing digital transformation.
That is why, from now on, we decided to not only focus on projects but to also include workshops, activities, etc. that bring you in contact with others experiencing similar challenges and that enable you to get started with digital transformation right away. Activities organized and made possible by our members, for our members.

Events Jan-Mar 2022

To start off, we are organizing an event full of inspirational and challenging stories around digital transformation. What is digital transformation, and what does it mean for my organization? We want to discuss these and many more questions with you. At the moment, we are busy with preparations for this event. We will provide updates as soon as possible, and we are hoping that COVID-19 will not interfere with our plans.
Perhaps you would like to share your own story, challenge, or experiences around digital transformation at this event? If so, please get in contact with us at:

Setting things up & board

We are currently busy with setting up Garden of Kairos. Peter van Bart and Pieter Dillingh are in contact with a notary. Hopefully very soon, Garden of Kairos will officially be registered.
Once this step has been taken, we will start collecting membership fees.
Of course, there is no association without a board. At the moment, we are establishing this board, but good news is that there is room for more people! Would you like to help us set up and give form to Garden of Kairos? Then please get in touch with Martin Arens at:

Looking for inspiration?

Perhaps take a look at this YouTube channel: Data Value Center – Smart Industry. You can find various roundtable discussion on this channel that might inspire and help you get started with digital transformation, too.

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