Process optimization and knowledge exchange

The participating parties in this experiment were DEMCON, Supplydrive, GML Instruments, RM Precision and MG Twente.

End customers are placing ever higher demands on a technological product developer such as DEMCON when it comes to shortening delivery times on the one hand and guaranteeing high quality on the other. DEMCON has been working for some time with a number of regular suppliers for the production of manufactured parts. DEMCON wants to achieve the following goals together with these suppliers:

  • Strengthen the region;
  • Improve competitiveness in the chain;
  • Shorten lead times in the chain;
  • Learn from each other and exchange knowledge;
  • Increase the quality of products.

Within this E-PLM 2.0 experiment, three objectives were tackled and tested in practice, in the field of process optimization and knowledge exchange. The objective was to bring the existing cooperation to a higher level or standard.