Previous community E-PLM 2.0

Garden of Kairos originated from the EFRO-project E-PLM 2.0 (Extended–Product Lifecycle Management). We explain more about this project on this page, including showcasing some of the insights and results that were achieved and accomplished in E-PLM 2.0.

What is E-PLM 2.0?

The E-PLM 2.0 project focused on accelerating innovation within existing value networks (including across organizational boundaries and single value chains). Various challenges surrounding this overarching topic were investigated in a number of experiments. The experiments were also fit to the main themes outlined in the roadmap that resulted from the initial E-PLM Living Lab project.

Specifically, experiments in the E-PLM 2.0 project were are carried out along the following themes:
• Products & Services
• Customer & Suppliers network
• Processes & Tools
• Disruptive Technologies
• Human Capital & Knowledge Sharing

Insights and findings E-PLM 2.0

Please click on one of the themes to learn more about the insights and findings of the experiments conducted within this theme.

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What are the themes?

Who joined E-PLM 2.0?

What did the members of E-PLM 2.0 say about this community?

“Without each other, we would have not come as far as we already have.”

“The simple fact that we are very different makes it so much richer.”

“The way this project has been created is that we all have a common problem, or a common set of problems—and we found ourselves around those problems, and now can jointly work on the solution.”